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Alvin Miller
Posted: Mar 08, 2015
Our dad, Alvin Miller, eldest son of Oba & Fannie Miller, passed away gently Saturday the 7th day of March, 2015 at Goshen Hospital. He was 85. He was proceeded in death of both his parents, his 2 brothers CJ and Jonas and one of his special twins Mary.

Emma Hostetler
Posted: Apr 19, 2014
She went in for back surgery about 5 weeks ago. When she came home she experienced severe pain, So much so they had to call 911 and transfer her to ER (two times), because of pain spasms. It seems the pain is not in her spine but around the side more. Any attempt to find the source of of pain have been futile. They have done many cat scans and other tests and all have come up negative. When she has spasms she cannot get out of bed by herself, It doesnít seem to get any better if anything anything it seems worse. Faithful Mel has been patiently taking care of her like a good nurse and husband. Iím sure they would like to hear some words of encouragement by way of cards or telephone calls. Mel and Emma Hochstetler 4713 Braeburn Ave. Sarasota,Fl. 34234 Mel 828-553-9900

Mary Taulbee
Posted: Apr 18, 2014
Continue to pray for Mary as she starts her 3rd round of chemo. Lately she has some medical issues associated with cancer. She is very positive about recovery and we need to encourage that. From her twin, who is too far away to take care of her. I thank family members who have cleaned her house and also taking her to medical procedures when Bob is not available. Bob is amazing in taking care of her.

Laura Gingerich
Posted: Feb 23, 2014
Laura Gingerich had open heart surgery on Feb 13.2014 she had a aortic valve replace on Feb 21 she came home and is doing better just keep he in your prayer that she will like a new person